Places to Visit

from Tolo

A Hotel in Tolo makes an ideal base for exploring the jewels of the Argolida and more generally the Peloponnese area which is steeped in history and has played a vital part throughout Greece's history.

So many interesting and historically important places to choose from: the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, Ancient Mycenae, Nafplion, Anceint Tiryns (Tiryntha), Argos, Ancient Pyramid at Elliniko, Kefalari, Ancient Olympia, Ancient Korinthos, Acrocorinth, Corinth Canal, Nemea, Mystra, Sparta and many more.

Whether you would like to visit the archaeological sites of Greece or would like suggestions for other trips to places of interest in the Peloponnese, the experienced staff at the Hotel Epidavria are always willing to help with ideas and organisation for your excursion. For the duration od your stay at the Epidavria Hotel there is easily somewhere to visit for everyday.. for months!

Ancient Corinth

Excavations taken out on the acropolis of Ancient Corinth have proved that some parts go back to ancient Greek and Roman times. At the foot of the huge rock you will find the settlement of Ancient Corinth.

Ancient Tiryns

Tiryns was associated in ancient legend with Perseus and with Eurysthus, in whose service Hercules performed his twelve labors.


At the centre of this bustling modern town you will find St Peters Cathedral located in a large square of the same name. Playing a key role in the history of the Argolis area it was once up on a time the dominant power even before Mycenae.

Corinth Canal

The first to decide to dig the Corinth Canal was Periander, the tyrant of Corinth in 602 BC. Such a giant project was above the technical capabilities of ancient times so Periander carried out another great project, the diolkos, a stone road, on which the ships were transferred on wheeled platforms from one sea to the other.


One of the first medical and spiritual centers the sanctuary was built to honor Asklepios the demi-god of medicine.


The cave of Kefalari just at the side of the church is another interesting spot. This cave formerly functioned as a subterranean river channel. After archaeologists explored this cave, some ceramics from the Neolithic period were found, along with some other objects which provided proof of the fact that there were inhabitants in this area even before the époque.


The home of King Agamemnon and an inspiration for Homers works. Uncovered by the amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who was also famous for finding Troy in 1874, it is one of the earliest examples of sophisticated citadel architecture and built so they say with the help of the Cyclops.


In about the mid 13th century mail-coated Frankish knights built watch-towers from which they could defend fertile Lacedaemon and control the unruly mountain dwellers of Taygetos. They were unable to retain their hold on 'Beautiful Mystra' for long.


The site of Ancient Nemea is where mythology records Hercules’ first labor with the ferocious Nemean Lion.

Ancient Olympia

The sanctuary spreads around the splendid green wooded foot of the Kronion hill. Olympia became a centre of worship to Zeus, after whose abode on Mount Olympus the site was named.

Pyramid at Ellinikon

The Pyramid is located at Ellinikon, just a short drive from Tolo. It is the most important and best preserved pyramid in Greece.