The Lions' Gate of Mycenae
Ancient Mycenae
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Ancient Mycenae

A short journey from Tolo you will find the ancient site of Mycenae.

The home of King Agamemnon and an inspiration for Homers works.

Uncovered by the amateur archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann, who was also famous for finding Troy in 1874, it is one of the earliest examples of sophisticated citadel architecture and built so they say with the help of the Cyclops.

Situated upon a small hill-top between two peaks – Zahra and Profit Elias, the citadel was in a formidable position and impossible to conquer. Unfortunately though, Mycenae was destroyed by fire around 1100 BC. A hundred years later the Dorians invaded from the north, replacing the Mycenaean civilization, but the city never regained its former splendor. In 468 BC the Mycenaean Citadel destroyed by the inhabitants of Argos and the city was never rebuilt. A new museum was added to the site in 2004 displaying some of Schliemann’s wonderful finds including a replica of the famous death mask of Agamemnon..